Let’s go IZU!! Special price ticket for foreign tourists!!

★Izuhakone Line 1-Day Pass (RAIL&BUS) 

This ticket can be used without limit for one day!!

This is an excursion ticket for foreign tourists which is for Izuhakone line and 6 lines of Izuhakone bus. This ticket allows you to easily get on and off transportation.

It's very useful and good value for doing sightseeings in Izu.
Please check the following for more details!!

  • Please show your passport, when you buy the ticket.
Izuhakone Line (Mishima~Shuzenji)

①Mishima~Numazu Line
②Numazu Sta.~Numazu Port Line
③Izu-Nagaoka Sta.~Numazu Line
④Nagaoka Spa Loop Line
⑤Izu-Nagaoka Sta.~Izu-Mito Sea Paradise Line
⑥Shuzenji sta.~Shuzenji Spa Line
TICKET OFFICE The ticket is sold at following stations during 7:00a.m. to 9:00p.m..

Mishima Sta./ Mishima-Hirokōji Sta./ Mishima-Tamachi Sta./ Mishima-Futsukamachi Sta./ Daiba Sta./ Izu-Nitta Sta./ Nirayama Sta./ Izu-Nagaoka Sta./ Takyō Sta./ Ōhito Sta./ Shuzenji Sta.
PRICE Adult: 1,000yen
Child(6-12 years old): 500yen
※Child under 5 years old is free.
REMINDAERS ①Please show your ticket to the staff when you get on and off transportation. DO NOT put your ticket in automatic ticket gate system.
②Please make sure, this ticket can only be used for Izuhakone line of Izu-Hakone railway and for designation lines of Izu-hakone bus. Other line is NOT available by this ticket.
③This ticket is ONLY refundable before you use it. When you refund, you need to pay the 220 yen service charge.