★Frequently Asked Questions about the train

  • Q1
    Do fares vary with distance?

    Yes. Fares vary because they are calculated based on the distance traveled.
    For fares from the main stations, see the page below.

  • Q2
    Are there tickets for children?

    Children's fares and charges are half those of adults. (Children aged 6 but not yet in elementary school are categorized as toddlers.)

  • Q3
    Can I use a credit card to buy tickets?

    You can not use a credit card.

  • Q4
    Can I use the IC card, such as Suica and PASMO?

    You can not use the IC card in Izuhakone Line,but you can use the IC card,such as Suica and PASMO in Daiyuzan Line.

  • Q5
    Is there a route map of Izuhakone line and Daiyuzan line?
  • Q6
    Is there a time timetable of Izuhakone line and Daiyuzan line?
  • Q7
    Are there some value tickets?
  • Q8
    Where are the information offices of a foreign language can communicate in?

    There is the Tourist Information Center in the Shuzenji Station in English or Korean